Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

June 2012

Table of Contents

IDRiM Conference Special Issue Articles

Improving the Governance Context and Framework Conditions of Natural Hazard Early Warning Systems PDF Download
Denis Stanley Chang Seng, United Nations University Institute for Pages 1-25
Overcoming Public and Political Challenges for Natural Hazard Risk Investment Decisions PDF Download
Ross B. Corotis, University of Colorado, Holly Bonstrom, University of Colorado, Keith Porter, University of Colorado Pages 26-48
A Dynamic Portrayal of Public Decision Making During Recovery form a Biological Terrorist Attack on a Major U.S. City PDF Download
Heather Rosoff, University of Southern California, CREAT, Richard John, University of Southern California, Depar, William Burns, Decision Research, Robert Siko, University of Southern California, CREAT Pages 49-69