Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

December 2015

Table of Contents

IDRiM Conference Special Issue Articles

Analyzing and simulating supply chain disruptions on the automobile industry based on experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake Download PDF
Kenji Ono, Yasuhiro Akakura, Masami Kanda, Masatoyo Ishihara p42-69
Systems Approach to Management of Disasters – A Missed Opportunity? Download PDF
Slobodan P Simonovic p70-81
Involving public private partnerships as building blocks for integrated natural catastrophes country risk management - Sharing on the French national experiences of economic instruments integrated with information and knowledge management tools Download PDF
Roland NUSSBAUM p82-100
Adapting Policy Following Cascading Natural Hazards: Case Study of Christchurch, New Zealand Download PDF
William Siembieda, Rebecca Lynn Teasley, Liam Wotherspoon p101-114
Measuring Progress on Climate Change Adaptation: Lessons from the Community Well-Being Analogue Download PDF
Bryce Kennedy Palmer Gunson p115-134
Estimation of Alternative Ports for Container Transport after Large-scale Disasters - Estimation Method and Application to Port-BCPs - Download PDF
Yasuhiro Akakura, Kenji Ono, Tomihiro Watanabe, Hiroshi Kawamura p135-152
A Required Level of Enhancing Life Safety Derived from the Cost for Substituting Nuclear Energy in Japan DOWNLOAD PDF
Eishiro Higo, Mahesh D. Pandey p153-166

Regular Articles

Assessing Gaps in Strengthening Early Warning System in Managing Disasters in Cambodia DOWNLOAD PDF
RISHIRAJ DUTTA, Senaka Basnayake, Atiq Kainan Ahmed p167-175