Hazard insurance of Secondary Mountain Hazards in Afflicted areas by Wenchuan Earthquake

Yongshun Han, Yu Fu, Kaiheng Hu, Longwei Li, Jun Han, Xin Wang


China is one of the countries with the most serious secondary mountain hazards in the world. Secondary mountain hazards insurance is not only an important non-structural engineering measure for secondary mountain hazards risk management but also an effective approach to sharing and transferring the secondary mountain hazards risks. In china, there is no polices, coverage or services of secondary mountain hazards insurance. Meanwhile, it is short of related researches. In this paper, 32 severely-afflicted counties by Wenchuan Earthquake were taken as case study area. Field investigations and remote sensing interpretation were made to gather thematic data. Hazard, vulnerability and comprehensive risk assessments of secondary mountain hazards in study area were made through GIS, analytic hierarchy process, cloud model and fuzzy mathematics. Insurance premium of secondary mountain hazards in afflicted areas was discussed on the basis of economic principles. Then a model was set up to stipulate the secondary mountain hazards insurance premium. According to the situation and disaster losses of China, the empirical research was carried out from two aspects of administrative management and actual risk degree, and then a feasible operating mechanism of secondary mountain hazards insurance was explored. The results showed that: a) the study area was divided into four levels of risk zones such as extremely high-risk zone, high-risk zone, moderate-risk zone, and low-risk zone, which respectively account for 1.1%, 7.9%, 34.5% and 56.5% of the study area; b) the insurance premium can be calculated and stipulated according to the risk degree of secondary mountain hazards, which represents actual secondary mountain hazards risk and reflects the fairness doctrine, while this approach may result in a wide gap of insurance premium among different risk zones and is detrimental to market operation on secondary mountain hazards insurance; c) another approach to calculating and determining secondary mountain hazards insurance premium through administrative unit reflects the situation of China, narrows the gap of insurance premium among different secondary mountain hazards risk zones and promotes equilibrium sharing secondary mountain hazards risk.


Wenchuan earthquake; Secondary mountain hazards; Hazards insurance; Premium stipulation; 32severely-afflicted counties

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