Communication-design for Disaster Risks through Shopping at a Large-scale Shopping Center: Transition from Disaster Prevention to Disaster Mitigation

Hironori Yamaguchi, Naoko Horie


This research is focused on the planning, implementation and evaluation of a disaster drill in cooperation with diverse entities in the community for building resilience. The research field was developed in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture as a participatory action research through collaborative practice with a community development organization. We organized a workshop to buy necessaries for surviving 3 days after a mega earthquake and sharing those stories at a large-scale shopping center in public. These 3-day impressions were discussed at the follow-up seminar which was set six days after the workshop. In this research, we experimented with a textual analysis for 2,585 posts in SNS and a phenomenological discussion about the whole process of disaster drills from the viewpoint of social psychology to approach communities for reducing disaster risk.


resilience; drill; scenarios; co-occurence network; activity theory

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